Monday, June 3, 2013

Optimizing Blogger Blog Without SEO Plugin

It is so tough to get a SEO plugin for a webmaster or blog, however that does not mean that one is fixed and cannot develop there blogs on site that are not SEO friendly. SEO plugin assist one to increase their chance to confirm that their articles are well viewed by any search engine.  Meta description is usually used that is vital in posting, revising topics and modifying a link. This generally works well in Word press blogs; however, it’s not work well for blogger. The blogger settings do not optimize in search engines, so some things should be reset for better functionality.  Below are some tips for blogger users as they can use the below tips to improve their blog so as they can be SEO friendly.

Meta description:
Meta description in blogger is set off for a new location. One should double-check that the backgrounds are altered so as to be adept to posts. When it is turned on, a carton is brandished in the post reviewer for one to set on the Meta description. The method is as pursues:
i. Enter the password and user name of your blog in dashboard of blogger.
ii. Select the blog as you need.
iii. There is a setting choice down on the dashboard, that one should select the performance of search and click on edit.
Iv. On the option of edit, enable search description is turned off, that requires to be reset to on by altering it to yes to enable Meta description.
v. After the alterations a box seems that one requires composing a default description for the blog and eventually save the alterations.

The next step, that is, optimization of blog for seek search engines, enhances the title of posts and sheets for seeks search engines. Titles are very significant for a sheet to be recognized by any seek engine. If changed, it upsurges blog SEO so much and eradicates redundant keywords that have been utilized often. It is simple to change these backgrounds. A backup of the bog template is downloaded and its HTML is edited. This ensures that one is adept to assess the template if there is any mistake. In the template, bang on name and restore it with a granted code and eventually save. This will ensure that the blog name habitually emerge for homepage.

This entails setting a made-to-order permalink for a mail rather than of using the default permalink. This can be set from the sidebar as one extends to compose. A keyword is used to set the permalink which should not be too long. The keyword is very significant at all times as it makes a lot of difference to a seek motor. If one does this wrongly, change it fast earlier to be dispatched to the catalog.
It is easy and so simple. Just make confirm that the Meta description is very good and are comprehensive of the keyword for every pages. The aim of optimizing the blog for search engines except the assistance of any SEO plugin is attained.