Saturday, January 7, 2012

SEO: "Not To Do" and " To Do"

If you are a newcomer or in beginning stage in SEO field, then below points are useful for you. Read it carefully:
1. Hidden keywords: Don’t try to keep back a keep a record of your keywords now a very tiny font now the footer or else now the same color in the same way as your website’s background.
2. Purchased link: Flagged as Spam
3. Issue Link with false content: Search engines views pages to the top with relations or else ads in the same way as spam.
4. Photocopying other’s content: Omit republish content that’s already been publish on another website.
5. Keyword stuffing: Don’t overdo keywords; search engines may well consider in the same way as keyword mark your blog or else web site as “suspicious”.
6. Swap over equal link: Don’t swap over link in support of the perseverance of building   PR, It’s really a dissipate of your point in time
7. Instant web sites: Instant tangled web pages are beautiful, that’s firm. But search engines don’t like it