Monday, April 2, 2012

Link Building Strategies

In recent time, Link Building has become an integral part of an effective search engine optimization strategy. Using popular links, you can improve your rank on search engines. There are numerous link building strategies which can be used to market your website. It is important to know the best link building strategies which you can use depending upon your requirement.
Proper research needs to be done before you start using a particular strategy. The most popularly used link building strategy is In-content link. It helps in adding more relevance to your links because of the surrounding text and there is a high chance of being clicked when reading than clicking on the links provided at the bottom of the page. Providing links on the images is also a great idea.
In link building strategies, your personal contacts can prove a great asset. By spreading a word about your website amongst your friends, colleagues and family, you can not only get feedbacks, but people who own a website might even link you. This will improve your ranking on search engines. Websites which are similar to that of your website can also help. Here you can contact the website which you find interesting and convince them to provide a link to your webpage. Joining an affiliate program, using Google Ad Words' network, can help you in generating traffic by determining the relevant websites. It is important that you exchange links only with relevant websites, as exchanging links with irrelevant websites can get you in trouble.
Providing links to directories like the Yahoo Directory and DMOZ can also be a good option. Make sure you submit the link to your site to the most appropriate category. Submitting articles to famous article directories with a link provided to your website is another way of link building strategy. Some out of the internet strategies can also be used for link building, like an awesome business card or even speaking at an industrial conference, where you will probably get mentioned in a lot of write-ups.