Monday, April 2, 2012

Off Page SEO Techniques

Off page SEO techniques are used to do things off site and improve your website's search engine ranking. The only technique which can be successfully used in off page SEO is link building. Link building can be done in several ways like creating community in social networking sites, blogging, postings on related forums, exchanging links with related websites, directory submissions on topmost quality directories (Yahoo directory & DMOZ), cross-linking/internal linking, photo sharing, video promotions, and even local listings in maps, yellow pages etc. These are just some of the ways of link building.

But the question which arises while choosing a link building strategy under off page SEO techniques are whether the site to which you are providing the link is relevant or not. If its not relevant, then the right sort of traffic will not get attracted towards your website and your message will not be conveyed. Also check whether the related page on which you are providing the link is ranked well on the search engines or not. Providing as many links as possible will definitely lead to a better Google page rank and better search engine rankings.

The main purpose of off page optimization is to maximize a website's performance in the search engines for the target keywords, which are related to the on-page content. The most important thing to be kept in mind is always start with keyword research and selection. Use relevant keywords near your inbound link to make it more understandable. Keep a track of the keywords (which can range between 5-500) and update according to the requirements.

Placing random links which are not related to your keywords can be a very big mistake in off-page SEO. So choose wisely, keeping your keywords in mind. Avoid using strategy of hidden inbound links, as the hidden links are now detectable by search engines and this will have an effect on your search engine rankings.